Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tote finished :)

My hands were feeling better today (can you say ... CAPRICIOUS!!!) so I got off my duff and made a tote bag - I have just enough of the black floral left over to make a little make-up bag to go with the tote, but I need a zipper to make it. It's in the To Do pile now :D The tote measures 14" X 13.5" X 5" - I sized it to use up the floral. It's lined and has a little pocket inside. I may add a yoyo out of the salmony print, just to tart the bag up ;)

Tote is based on this pattern :)


  1. Okay I followed the trail and am waiting to see the tarted up tote. lol .....

  2. What a cute bag! I think I could even make it -- or something close to it. LOL
    Glad your hands are somewhat better -- hope they keep improving.

  3. Gal pal, so glad you are feeling better, I was worried about you! :)
    Tote is awesome! It looks like a boutique one!


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