Saturday, February 28, 2009

February was a month of ...

PSORIASIS HELL!!! I'd post a picture of how bad it got but it's ugleeeeeeee. I had to make an emergency visit to the specialist, and am now on 4 different medications ... some parts have improved, others have gotten worse, so I can't tell if the medications are kicking in or not. I think maybe they're starting to work a tiny tiny bit - I hope so. It got better for a few days in a row, but today it seems to be getting a bit worse. Same old same old - I'm getting used to this pattern of progress, sadly!! 'nuff about that :)

I did manage to make a tote bag and matching make-up bag today - I wasn't able to sew much in February, and I had an urge to sit down and actually finish something. They came out quite nicely - I busted a bit of stash getting these done :) The tote is 15 X 13 X 3, fully lined, with a small pocket inside. No pattern, just created "on the fly". The makeup bag is about 7 X 5, and fully lined. I have lots more of floral fabrics to use up, so I'm going to bag up some "kits" ready to work on when my hands are in good shape - then I can just grab a bag and go to town!


  1. Oh, I really hope the meds start were miserable and you didn't say a word!

    Miss 'Fully-lined"....hahahaha

  2. Nice bag. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. That bag set is adorable ~ you do such nice work. I do hope you will feel all better soon!

  4. Well aren't those really purty!!

    Sweet, indeed!! I don't know how you get them done working around such a painful condition like that.

    Hey, I SAW The Hand - words do not describe it!! :( Something better work..and SOON!

  5. What a great bag!
    I hope March is a much better month!

  6. I just love your totes!

    my screen is still green, need to bay a new one, I want to see your pics in the colours they are ment to be.

    Tina / Sweden


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