Friday, December 17, 2010

A couple of finishes ...

I have to run into town (run, lol - I catch the bus :D) to hit the post office --- here are a couple of projects I've finished in the last couple of days. It's crunch time - I'm sure I'm not the only one very flustered, with a million things to do!!


  1. Love LOVE the cardinal bag, all so cute! The towel turned out wonderfully, so glad for you! :)

  2. Love the fabric and the rounded bottom of the bag! I'm sure I've told you this before but I also LOVE the retro Christmas images on your blog, they're so cute.

    Don't hate me, but I'm not stressed out at all this Christmas. I can hardly believe it myself! I just have my parents gifts left to wrap and stocking stuffers. I had a cookie exchange last weekend and the kids and I are having friends over Tuesday to bake so that takes care of that! I'm going to relax and really enjoy Christmas! PHEW!


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