Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A failure and a partial finish :D

I'm not sure why the bottom seam came out completely wavey - I should have taken a photo when I first noticed, as it was quite odd!  My "fix" only made matters worse, LOL - it's still wavey plus it's thick and bumpy as all hell.  Into the failure box she goes, bad girl!

 I finished this little guy tonight - it's a good thing I only had to fill in some snow, as I can't find the pattern or even remember the name of the pattern - oops!  I have a project in mind for this and will finish it tomorrow :)

 In this close-up photo you may be able to see the seed beads I added for dimension :)  I also added a couple of smyrna crosses in the snow, but they're really hard to see, lol.

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