Monday, December 13, 2010

"Sponsors" on blogs - I hate 'em!

Is anybody else out there in blogland bothered by blogs that take on sponsors, then spam the sponsor's crap stuff in their posts?  WHAT THE HELL!  I understand and accept commercial blogs doing that, but for the average housewife chatting about her crafts on her crafty blog (average housewives like - oh for instance - ME!) why is it necessary to sell out "rent" your space for ads?  Don't we already get enough spam shoved in our faces every time we turn around - now we have to see it on every second blog now too?  I'll pass, thanks - I've started unsubscribing from blogs that do this - I just don't need the annoyance.  And when I visit a blog that has a list of sponsors on the side, I depart quickly, as I know that there will be lots of hawking of sponsored items.  It's one thing to mention that had great luck with store XYZ when you went there for thread and walnuts - it's quite another to accept money to hawk someone's warez!  This is quite a disturbing trend, and one I hope fades out soon!

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  1. I agree Sandra. If you need sponsors, do a dotcom. It's like putting ads in your journal....SO TACKY! :)


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