Monday, May 9, 2011

48+ hours later and we're still without a car

The car broke down @ on Saturday (when we had only had it for 4 days), MacIver Dodge Jeep was notified, and it was picked up by the towing service and taken to the dealer before 5:00 p.m.  48+ hours later we're still without a car, and MacIver called late this afternoon to say they didn't know what the problem is.

I'm surprised that they didn't even offer hubby a loaner vehicle, in view of the fact that we have a DEAD + NEW car.  That, plus the fact that the car died so quickly after we got it, has me worried - this doesn't seem like a good omen at ALL.  #colourmenotimpressed!


  1. Sorry about the car thing. My dad had a little Renault that did the same thing. He had it a couple of days and just when he went to show it off to a friend - it wouldn't go. The dealer did eventually figure it out.
    I have some unsolicited advice here.
    1: TELL the dealer to take it to someone who CAN figure it out. (some really are smarter than others)
    and 2: Demand a loaner car. It's the least they can do.
    And good luck with the car. Dad's Renault ran like a top once it was fixed, that is , until my kid sister rolled it!

  2. Not very good customer service, is it? I agree with Teresa!


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