Monday, May 9, 2011

A hockey post???! Sort of!

 I'm trying to finish off some projects I have "kitted" (prepared and ready to sew) in a basket in my sewing room - here are two zipper bags I had ready to sew - both will go to Blue Hills :)  I have 4 more ready to work on, then I need to make more kits, LOL!

Here's a project I also had kitted up - it was going to get done eventually but I got news today (person of interest, note that today is the day after Mother's Day, hehe) that kicked my butt in gear to get these done quicker! ;)


  1. Go Sens Go!!!! Hehe!!! I know who that's for :)

  2. Cool bags, as always. Some future hockey fan will look really cute in that bib.

    Hope your hubby gets his car back soon!

  3. I love the zippies. Is that eyes on the blue one?

  4. Very cool! That bib cracks me up ! :D
    I hope you do come to visit again this fall! September is a tough month for me but you usually come in October! Hugs and hugs, Mickie

  5. Where's the 'like' button?!?! ;)


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