Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quilting guides - who knew?

This post about a quilting guide on a walking foot, led me on a bit of a google investigation about quilting guides, which then led me to my box of "what the hell are these sewing bits and bobs for??!!!" items, at which point I discovered that I have a quilting guide and the appropriate foot+ankle combo to actually USE the thing :D I gave it a whirl, and these were the result - I gave them to Amanda last night to take to Blue Hills next week, for the kidlings :)

Thank you Katherine (a fellow Canadian, and fellow lover of patchwork, linen and vintage :D) for the "tidbit" on your post that led me to a pretty exciting discovery!!


  1. How fun - ya learn something new every day! Those boxy bags are so pretty!

  2. what lovely bags you have made,very nice

  3. That post of Katherine's helped us both. You went looking for and found a quilting guide you already had and I hopefully won't have to go buy a new walking foot for my Singer 15-91.

    You and Nancy and Amanda got so much done on FNSI. I love hearing about it each month. I think the fact that you get together in real life makes it that much more fun.


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