Saturday, May 21, 2011

FNSI - a few highlights :D

Last night was May's FNSI (Friday Night Sew-In) - Nancy and NoBlog Amanda came over to my sewing dungeon armed with sewing goodies, fabrics and an extra machine and we got busy :)

Some highlights ;)   Here's Nancy doing my bidding (stitching something for me on the free arm) ...

... Nancy having to remove a button she accidentally tried to SEW OVER ...  ROTFL!!!!!!! 

Nancy busily stitching away :)

 Oh, look!  Nancy's Scandinavian Stitches Kajsa Wikman's pillow!  So sweeeeeeeet!

Amanda cutting out her pillow applique pieces ...

Amanda preparing to stitch her applique on her pillow ...

Amanda getting to the final assembly ...

Amanda's pillow (she's going to do some final touches at home), and Nancy's pillowcase (she's already posted the finished case to her blog) :)

My FNSI contribution - I'm working on a travel set as a gift, and got 3 of the items done for the set - 2 zipper bags and a boxy bag :) 

Looking forward to June's FNSI, wooooooohooooooooooooooooo!!


  1. Looks like all three of you achieved quite a bit. Sounds like you all had a great night.

  2. Nice boxy bags on the bottom. Love, love the fabric. The set you made us for our trip were perfect. We'd open the suitcase and there was Canada everywhere.

  3. How FUN to have friends over to sew, I'm jealous! Love that pillow and your travel set is wonderful! Gee, I haven't tried sewing over a button in quite awhile....thank goodness it wasn't her finger.

  4. FNSI with sewing friends looks like fun! Those pillows are so cute! And look at you go 3 pouches, they are great!

  5. very nice post Sandra you girls were very busy,well done

  6. Scandinavian stitches? okej, howcome I never find any interesting patterns in sweden?

    Sandra, no pics of me dancing linedance on the beach ha ha ha

    nice try ;-)


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