Saturday, May 28, 2011

I went to take photos of some finished projects tonight, but the camera battery died, so it's charging right now. Will get more pics tomorrow after we get home from a family get-together :)

In the interim, here are a couple of photos I did get ...

Friends of ours are expecting their first grandchild next week, so I made baby Albany a quilt, and have a taggy cut out as well.  The binding and backing are the same co-ordinating print (you can see the binding on the left).  The off-white blocks are vanilla chenille - YUMMY!  I should be able to get this finished tomorrow so hubby can take it to work on Monday and deliver it to grandpa - aka his co-worker - in time for Albany's arrival :)

Here are the bits and pieces to finish the jungle quilt set I'm doing for my niece - the camera died before I could get a photo of the quilt, which was finished a few days ago.  The taggy is backed with the same brown minkee as the croc, and the bibs are backed with vanilla chenille.  If I can find a mailing box I'll mail the set on Monday - Canada Post better co-operate! 

After I get Albany's set finished I can start working on Graci's quilt - she's a special little golden who will soon be arriving at my brother and sister-in-laws house - her new forever home :)  She's not old enough to leave her momma yet,  but her June 17 arrival is certainly eagerly anticipated :)  Aunt Sandra and cousin Zoomer are making her her very own girly cage quilt :D  (Photo unabashedly stolen from my SIL's blog, lol).


  1. Oh He's soooo cute! Love what you did with the jungle bibs and different and so sweet!
    Love your blog.... I'll be back for sure! :)

  2. wow, you've been so busy! I love everything you've made - loving that croc, can we have some close ups? I'm planning on making a taggie blanket for my friend's baby, I don't have any minky so I'll have to improvise

  3. Goodmorning my dear
    today its mothersday in sweden, yepp, Im sitting by myself sewing all day long

    love your yellow/white babyquilt.


  4. What a cutie!! You aleays amaze me with all you do!!! what a great person you are love you!!!

  5. Awwww the puppy is so cute! Also, love the taggies and the quilts. Are you out of chenille yet? :-)

  6. Albany - hm. Well the quilt will be lovely! What an adorable puppy, how nice to have her very own puppy quilt. Love the jungle set!


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