Saturday, July 21, 2012

Definitely not safe for work :D

I started reading 50 Shades of Grey yesterday - when I mentioned it to my neighbour, she sent me on a search for this video.  She said it was pretty darn funny.


Gilbert's voice reading *that* is hysterical enough, but to see the women's faces as he reads --- I have watched it over and over and over, and I still scream each time, LOL!  Definitely not safe for work, and if you're offended by graphic/raunchy content - don't watch the video - you've been warned! 


  1. Ellen DeGeneres did a parody on her show that was hilarious,too. I've heard about these books, but haven't seen any. Let me know if the writing is as bad as I've heard. Enjoy--I think...

  2. I resisted but gave up and read all three. Loved them. Could have cut out a lot of the sex but I loved the relationship between them. Let me know what you think


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