Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I tried another "pin" - the Olivia bag :)

I pinned this a few months ago, and have finally stitched it! I did an "upcycle" and used an old fleece blanket for the batting - it worked out pretty well, except for the iron being too hot and melting the blanket in one spot - oops!

Old fleece blanket cut up for reuse :D
Oops - iron was too hot!

Finished Olivia bag :)
The bag worked out quite well - the tutorial was easy to follow, and I didn't run into any difficulties.  I wouldn't use it myself - the opening is just too small for my taste, but I can see it being the perfect size for a teenager :)  I'll be donating this one to Blue Hills - I'm glad I finally got around to trying it out!

Because of the "upcycle" aspect I'm entering this in Wendy's Something Old Something New challenge - I think I'm just under the wire as today is the last day for submissions!


  1. It look beautiful! I know what you mean about the small opening. The older I got the more crap I needed to dig through making a large opening a necessity. I love the look of this bag, though.

    I also really like the top of a bag like this to close securely. Do you think just adjusting the size would help with the size of the opening or would that make it look funny?

    I think I'd do something to make the shoulder strap narrower (at least at the shoulder area) and figure out a way to put a zipper down in that top area. Those who don't through their bags around like a football, however, would not need that zipper;-}

    1. I can't believe I misspelled "throw" in my comment above. Let's hope I don't misspell something in this note. I could end up with a column of corrections!


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