Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hey Allie - give me 15 minutes!! ;)

I challenged my friend Allie tonight to try to sew (or embroider) for 15 minutes per day - like a lot of us, she's in a summer slump.  I've been doing a bit of sewing but hadn't felt like getting the camera out, so had no photos to blog :D  I wanted to get pictures of my Purse Palooza bags tonight so with camera in hand ...

Small boxy bag, and watermelon zippy (watermelon fabric from Deb!)

Two tall pouches - sunflower fabric also from Deb :)

Hairdresser bags made to use up the last bits of the hairdresser fabric :)

Drawstring bags - tutorial by Jeni :)


  1. You are just a show off
    Hugs Khris

  2. I, too, am in a sewing slump. The only thing I've been working on is a tan and getting my stack of reading down! We have such a short hot and sunny season--my absolute favorite-- that I hate to spend any of it inside. I'll get back to that sewing soon, though. I miss it.

  3. They're lovely. The fabrics you use make them so unique.

  4. 15 minutes, eh? I think I can do that! Ok Sandra, you're on! It'll have to be embroidery though, my sewing machine is put away until I can get it fixed. I'm sure that won't last but it's worth a try, lol....
    Love all your bags and especially the one with the roses, because it's just like mine! I gave my friend Cathy the puppy one and she LOVES it, she thinks you are too clever!!!

  5. Sandra, that's 10!!! Ten entries!! I feel so inadequate!

    although your challenge was issued to Allie, tonight, I will accept it!


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