Friday, July 13, 2012

Bags and baskets :)

  I misread one part of this tutorial and ended up with a very LONG but shallow basket - 13.5" x 6" x 4.5".   Pinned here, tutorial here.  Next time I'll stitch the correct sides and I think it'll be fantastic :)  I found and pinned this last night and finished it today - that's certainly a record for me!  ;) 

The fabric for the tall pouch (top left)
came from my friend Deb in Az - thanks Deb!  The other bags were made from stash fabric - the cat bag is an Across the Pond pouch, and the boxy bag is a regular boxy bag cut to 11x14 (after quilting), which turns out to be a really great size.  These will all go to Blue Hills :)


  1. That long thin one would work as a charger station for me. I'm picturing some button holes in the back to accommodate cords. Thank you once again, sewing muse;-)

  2. Well... even sewn together "wrong" the basket still looks great. And the bags are fun as always.

    I have some fat quarters that I want to use up, I think they may just get turned into some baskets.

  3. The shallow basket looks perfect for different types of bread. Love it!

  4. The basket looks great, like it was supposed to be that way! And I love your bags for Blue Hills.


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