Wednesday, August 1, 2012

If you have earbuds ...

Tute here :)
make one of these and use it, lol!  I finally got around to trying this pin - it's quite small (just over 4" in diameter) but it was easy to stitch. It would be perfect with a carabiner, some $ and a house key for walks (if you don't take a cellphone).  I don't use earbuds, so wouldn't use it for that :D   I enlarged the pattern by 15% and 25% and will try it in those sizes as well - I think it might be more useful if it was a bit bigger.  Overall - a definite SUCCESS!  :)


  1. I made one of these to put in our son's stocking last Christmas. I paired it with an Ipod case. It was a fun and quick little case to sew up.

    You really are working your way through those pins.

  2. I've been thinking about this one for a while. My sons are big on exercising and using ipods. I especially like the carabiner idea. They could hook it on their gym bags. You will get me back in that sewing room yet!

  3. wow, third browser I tried let me leave a comment. I can't comment where there are embedded comments in either EI or Chrome and only sometimes in Mozilla, so you got lucky!

    These are cute, weren't they fiddly? I've been putting it off as they look fiddly.

    Oh, and earbuds never fails to make me laugh. In England they're those stick things with a little bit of cotton wool on the end that you use to clean our your ears!


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