Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A few pictures :)

It's been somewhat crazy around the house for the last little while - we're having some work done and things have been upside down!  New windows (for the kids' rooms), painting (kids rooms), masonry repairs, parging, some aluminum siding around some doors - you wouldn't believe the amount of dust that's created by the parging - HO...LEEE...CRAP!  Anyways - most of the work is done so now things can start to get back to normal - with FAR LESS DUST!

Here are a few projects I've gotten done recently - all (or most) of these items will be going to Blue Hills :)

Use-up-scraps zipper bags :)

Shark pillowcases - shark fabric from Joanns!

First attempt at a triple zip pouch :) (Pinned then made)

ME tote bag - fabric remnant from Fabricland :)

Purse frame coin purse - Susan taught me how to make this!

Tall pouch :)

My 2nd monster bib :)

S'Mores tall pouch :)


  1. I have no idea what parging is, but it sounds dreadful, lol! Wow you have got a lot done. Love it all. Your triple zipper bag came out fabulous, told ya! And that little frame purse, so sweet! Love those monster bibs, lol..

  2. I thought we were getting pics of the new windows and paint jobs for a minute there! We are about to start with having the windows and siding replaced on our house. In order to prepare, we are going on a week's vacation to a lovely beach. Hopefully that will make it all more bearable!

    So do tell, how did that triple zipper go??? It looks beautiful. The yellow ribbons are perfect. Now I would have been stuck on black and white, never reaching to another contrasting color for ties. The yellow really stands out. I'm tempted here, despite my spatially challenged brain, to give this one a try.

    Aaannddd, where did you get that marshmallowy-snowman fabric?? So cute!

  3. What the bloody hell is parging?? Does everyone know except me and Allie?

    Wow, check out all the stuff you've made! YOu've been on turbo, no wonder you think we can all sew like the wind rather than like a lame snail (i.e. me). Love the triple zip bag, it looks great and that clasp purse is beautiful!

  4. Every time I see you post I bow my head in shame. You are amazing and so are your projects. Love all of them especially the triple zipper pouch.

  5. oh what a bunch of goodies you have made! I found you through Maria of Mia's Creations - she told me you made my triple-zip. It is darling!! Are you on flickr? I'd love to have you post it in my flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1843503@N22/

  6. Love, love the snowman zip bag and the monster bib. The three zip back turned out great!

  7. Wow, you have been busy. Everything looks great, but I especially like the cute, little coin purse and the last tall pouch.

  8. Love the monster bib!! We just bought L his first monster stuffy from 'Sewn By Blythe' :)


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