Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 more "cousin bibs" :D

Cousin bibs :D
I made a bib last week using denim (from a pair of DS2's worn out jeans) with scrap fabric.  Today I finished 3 more, using the same denim and scraps - these ones will be going to a second cousin of the denim donator, so I've decided to call them Cousin Bibs :D  

Here's what the set looks like :)  After I took this picture I tied them together with the last bit of heart ribbon from the bibs - so cute! 


  1. They are all just adorable. And made of denim they will withstand a lot of use and will probably be passed along to lots future babies.

    I'm making bibs too... but for dollies.

  2. Cousin Bibs - sounds like a redneck family member, lol! Love them!

  3. How adorable, these are so lovely! I just found a brilliant tutorial for monster bibs! I shut it down before I remember to email you the link - but I just pinned it to my "For Jacob" board, so go and have a look, it's right up your street!

  4. Sweet! I have fear-of sewing-ribbon syndrome. Are there any tricks?


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