Sunday, August 5, 2012

reBib :D

I finished this up today - it's another "Pinned then made" project - so far I've completed one each day of August (yesterday's is on my sewing table, which is too messy to be anywhere near a camera, LOL).  Finally getting some pins DONE and finding some fun new projects!

The denim was reclaimed from a pair of my youngest son's worn out work jeans - this is a Ms. Electrician bib!  :)  The idea was inspired by this tutorial, and the bib pattern is from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby book :)


  1. Cool idea! With the original pattern, I would just shorten it rather than cut out the five inch strip. How cheap is that! I don't even want to waste recycled fabric.

    I like the snaps, too, but haven't had much luck with snaps staying on. At some point I want to invest in a better device for doing them--someday when money is no object, like after I win the lottery. I really should start buying those tickets.

  2. Gorgeous!!! Love the pink hearts ribbon with the denim!!!

  3. That's a fun way to repurpose old worn out jeans. And I love the flamingo fabric... lol

    Yesterday I had fun working on something I pinned as well. I'm making some apron's for oldest daughter's classroom.


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