Friday, August 10, 2012

More "pinned then made" projects :)

Hedgie pouch :)
Hedgie = cute, but hedgie pouch = even cuter, lol!  I found the project here ... and the pattern for the hedgie is here (there's no picture, just look for the text) :)

Tutorial here :)
This morning I popped onto Pinterest to have a look around, and spotted this pin.  Hi, Wendy!!  I repinned it right away because - well - damn it's CUTE!  I don't remember a time when I found a new-to-me project and made it right away - usually I hem and haw and drag my feet and have a confidence crisis and study the pattern for 3 or 86 weeks until I have it straight in my mind.  This time I came - I saw - and I conquered :D  Thank you to Lisa for a fabulous and fun tutorial!

ETA:  Added to the Artisania Patterns Gallery flickr group here :)  Check out the other projects made with Sonja's adorable patterns!  She's Canadian, you know ;) 


  1. Well obviously I'm not on pinterest enough, I hadn't seen either of these, I love them! WTG Sandra!

  2. Sooo cute!! Love the solid on the bottom. I'm going to have to do some more and switch it up. Thanks so much for commenting! Nice to see someone actually use my pattern. :)


  3. Great projects. Hedgie is so cute.

  4. Love, love, love the hedgehog zip bag. And that monster bib is just too cute!

  5. Hi Sandra! How cute is that hedgehog! It also looks VERY fidly!! Love the bib... I'm off to print it out!


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