Monday, August 6, 2012

2 more pins completed :D

I pinned this one a month ago - I boxed the bottom on mine - I like the bigger bags to have the boxed bottoms :D

I've made fabric baskets before, but I pinned this one as I liked the folded down cuff on hers :D  As I was stitching it I decided to add handles instead ... but when I finished it WITH handles, I decided I would have preferred the folded edge instead, LOL!!  I have another one cut out and will try it her way :)  My one other change was to add batting and quilt the outer layer before cutting the pieces down to size :)


  1. I like it with boxed corners better too. Such pretty colours. Love the fabric basket. Us women are so indecisive. LOLLL

  2. Love those bright little squares of color in the top one. I am fond of the boxy bottom as well--easier to dig through. Off to check out your sources!

  3. Hey gal, enjoying your projects! Love that you used the recycled embroidery! Great job! :)

  4. So basically you only took the dimensions of that last tutorial!?! They turned out great, and a boxed bottom is always a good idea.


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