Sunday, August 19, 2012

This is why I separate my scraps by colour :D

I spotted some adorable quilts (check here and here) a while back and thought that I might try something similar :)  These blocks are 9.5" unfinished - I'll look for some red and pink fabrics to use for the sashes/backing/binding :)  The blocks are all wonky and everything is positioned to use up the scraps I had :D

Here's a tutorial I recently found and decided to try.  I got started but wasn't able to find any fusible batting @ Fabricland, so I'll use fusible interfacing instead, since I already have lots :D  Here's my start :

Outside pieces and zippers

Lining pieces
 I cut out the interfacing tonight and will iron it on tomorrow, then get started sewing.  I've never made a triple zipper pouch before - now that I've posted my plans, I'm either going to sink or swim - publicly, lol! 


  1. I've been wandering about your pins for a hour! Great stuff there. Love that Frenchie fabric. Now I've got to go check out that link! Good luck with that new project.

  2. Fusible fleece isn't the same as fusible batting. It's a different kind of texture and is only adhesive on one side, whereas fusible batting is sticky on both sides (as I discovered when I ironed my quilt to my ironing board...). Looking forward to seeing how you get on with this one and very glad you're doing it publicly!

  3. Looks like you've added a few more red/pink blocks since I was there on Friday. It's going to be a great little girl's quilt.

    That 3 zip bag is really neat! I'm sure you'll conquer it.

  4. Oh you know you'll swim like a fish, girl! Love the blocks!


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