Thursday, August 23, 2012

My tablet takes pictures - I had NO idea, lol!

I was trying tonight to figure out how to clear out my old emails from the email program of my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab, a present for my 50th birthday!).  I never did figure that out, and I don't even know the name of the email program to be able to Google it, lol.  I frequently click the wrong icon and the tablet takes a screenshot, but tonight I realized it could also take actual photos, when I spotted this little (not such a) treasure!

That was what was sitting behind my tablet, so that's when I realized it was an actual photo, not a screen shot, LOL!  And it takes really good quality pictures too - that photo is right out of the box unretouched and not set up in any way!

Oh - here's another photo - for ****s and giggles --- there's a "recipe" all over Pinterest for making hard boiled eggs in the oven (325 for 25-30 minutes).  I did it once and it worked out not too bad (except for burn marks on the eggs where they sat in the oven).  I tried again yesterday with less than stellar results - won't be doing THAT again - YUCK!!
That was after 30 minutes in the toaster oven - it took me 10 minutes to peel the little buggers - I was ready to throw them at the wall!! 


  1. Cool photos! Eggs in the oven? this gal says NYET (no). I'll keep boiling my. i hate cleaning the oven and it is almost time that I can do that (need to open the house up).
    Have a great day you techno queen!

  2. I saw someone in NYC holding up their Ipad to some of the designs at the Fashion Institute. I thought they were, maybe, Skyping or some such thing with a friend and showing the designs. Guess they were taking pictures! I am sooo out of touch with all those nice new devices.

    I do so WANT one of those! However, as my husband points out, I want everything. It's on my list. As a hint, I keep threatening to make an Ipad case for the Ipad that I don't have. Brian also points out that I want to make everything, too;-}

  3. hang on, hang on. Hard boiled eggs in a pan of boiling water = 10 mins plus the time it takes to boil the kettle. Hard boiled eggs in the oven = 30 minutes plus 30mins+ to heat up the oven. WHY??

  4. Oh girl we must be sisters, lol! That's too funny! Good to know about the eggs....


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