Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ding Dong, a piggy bank and eggs :)

LOL love their sense of humour!  Source

Kitty operated piggy bank! ;)

Oven baked eggs - pop 'em in a muffin pan and bake 'em for 25-30 minutes @ 325F - presto - hard "boiled" eggs - pretty cool!  Mine got a brownish area - next time I'll give it a little turn at the halfway point - that should clear up the problem.  I used my toaster oven instead of heating up the big oven for 2 eggs:

Pretty cool, eh?!  :)


  1. Who would'da thunk it? I love hard boiled eggs and will have to try this method. Maybe next time a cake is baked I'll put some eggs in there too.

  2. Love the video of the kitty piggy bank.

    1. Oh, so THAT's what North American toaster looks like! I've been so confused, some people say they use their toaster for polymer clay etc... I've never understood. You see THIS is what a British toaster looks like (we don't use the oven at the end of toasteR):


      first picture on the page!


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