Monday, July 20, 2009

Gifties :)

I completed a couple more gifts to go in my box - a puppy tote (with matching zipper bags, of course) ... and some fruity lady zipper bags using up the last scraps of that FQ. You can see each bag is pieced differently - that's because I was using up every last inch of the fabric, however I could make it fit, lol. Nick's jeans have certainly proved useful for me, after they were too worn for him! ;)


  1. Those bags are so much fun -- I love the puppy ones!

  2. Great bags! The jeans are perfect with that fabric.

  3. So very cute. I love how you used all of it ~ my scraps just keep growing and growing and growing!

  4. are a zipper junkie.....LOVE IT ALL...hugs Khris


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