Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gift set for Mason :)

A small gift set I did today as a special "order" - I hope the recipient likes it!  I have leftover scraps of each of the fabrics (and some other fabrics that I didn't end up using) so I can make some extra bits and pieces (a simple dog stuffy comes to mind) but I wanted to get this part done and sent right away :D


  1. Those are so cute. I love the appliqued name and puppy. You get so much done ~ it's crazy! I plan on planting my butt in the sewing room today! Got lots of kits cut out that need to get sewn up!

  2. Oh MY but they are CUTE!!

    *I WANT THEM* !! :D

    If I had known things for boys could be so cute -- I might have had one!!

    (ok, so I'm pushing it, just a bit!!)


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