Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My version of a "taggy" blanket :)

I made this little guy to go with the quilt I finished yesterday - it measures 15" square (plus the ribbons) - these are really fun and easy to make!  I backed it with the same minty green chenilley/minkee-y fabric I used for the quilt.  Here's a tutorial for the project that outlines pretty much how I made mine, and she even uses the same backing fabric I did, only hers is white, lol.  I think I'll go a little bit smaller next time - maybe 12 or 13" square :) 

Tomorrow's To Do list - an appointment with my nice dermatologist, and a crocodile stuffy!


  1. I need to do a taggie for Ms. Charlie. She loves to hold on to stuff. Oh, and those alligators are way too cute!

  2. What is it about tags that babies love? My kids all loved them too! That little taggy is so cute and will be loved to pieces!



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