Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's very handy being married to an electrician ;)

We're slowly redoing the paint/flooring/etc. in the house - in the spring we had some carpets replaced and the downstairs repainted - today hubby started new lights and fans on the first floor.  As you can see by the photographs, he had a shadow *ahem* *ahem* - not too ironic that the shadow is an apprentice wireman ;)

Hubby assembling the ceiling fan for the family room ... with shadow ;)

Hubby installing a hall light.  Shadow is out of photo range ;)

Hubby putting together another hall light fixture - I call this one The Worker and the Shirker - check out the stairs ;)

Bonus photo (a bit blurry because I took the picture through the screen) - our oldest son bbq'ing steak and chicken for supper ... his girlfriend Alex is sitting in the lawn chair, and Nick is wearing socks and sandals as a tribute to his dad ... ROTFL!!  As I've been informed, it's not possible to bbq without beer - who knew? LOL!


  1. Yeah Dennis. He put up mine first so he knew what to do. lol! Looks like things are coming together.

    I agree Nick. Beer and grilling go together. :)

  2. Could you send him down here next? Very handy indeed. Love the look of your staircase!


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