Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spring Fling, lingerie and birch bark!

I entered this blog giveaway in December, and was lucky enough to win my choice of several of Anina's lovely patterns --- I chose Spring Fling - isn't it adorable?  Log cabin + a bit wonky + scrappy = win/win/win in my book :)  Thank you Anina and Twiddletails!

 Here are 2 stitcheries I did today for some panty bags I'm making :D  Unfortunately I didn't save the embroidery pattern designer's name, but thank you to whomever came up with this cutie!

 While at Joanns on Monday I picked up a couple of yards of this cute birch bark fabric for a project I want to do.  The pattern came in the mail today so tomorrow I can get started!  Can't post the pattern though, as the eventual recipient will figure it out ;)

Here's the selvage info if anyone wants to look for this adorable fabric :D


  1. Cute win, congratulations!!! And I do like those stitcheries. I LOVE that birch bark fabric - oh my gosh - now I REALLY want it! I feel a road trip coming on! Yes, all my Joann's are road trips now, sigh.

  2. OMG congratulations on that win and yes that pattern is adorable . It is you my dear . Do you have fabrics in mind already? cute undies too.

  3. Great quilt pattern and the stitcheries are very cute. I can't believe how much that fabric looks like bark!

  4. Those stitcheries are cute. Great find on the birch bark fabric. You'll have some fun with that I'm sure.

  5. I do hope my Joann's has some of that birch fabric. I love it! I'm following on rss cuz I don't see the usual friends link.

  6. Lucky you! Great pattern choice.

    You are an embroidery whiz... looks like such fun and a great way to add extra magic to those pretty bags you make.

  7. I cannot read the salvage info and cannot find it at any Joanns by me? Help me please I want some.


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