Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zakka Style - I has it!

Today's completion - a house pouch - designed by Julia Bravo - pattern published in Zakka Style :)  My friend Nancy loaned me the book and this project caught my eye for some reason ;)  There's a flower on the back as well, but I forgot to get a picture, lol.

Here are a few more recent finishes :)

Paisley fabric from Joanns - I love this print and need to get more of it :)

Panty bags - always cute!  Fabric from Joanns :)
Close-up of the cute zipper pull (from ebay) :)

Another rocket bag set - fabric also from Joanns :D


  1. I love LOVE that Zakka house :) neat projects! :)

  2. Love your projects! You pick the perfect fabrics, wish I was close to a JoAnns. You should open an Etsy shop. I would buy a Panty Bag for sure!

  3. Hi, I use to sew everyday but don't much any more!! I LOVE ANIMALS!!! I live kind of in the woods with lots of wild animals around me all the time. I use to garden all the time too be don't do that as much as I use to too!!! This kind of sounds like I am getting lazy but not really. I have a 65lbs dog that I am walking a lot!!!
    xx, Zoie (dog) & Fern (her Mom-- me)

  4. Yay your mojo is back! I think I've got that book... how bad is it that I don't know if I've got it or not?!?

  5. I love that pouch! How weird is it that you have made something from that book and I have not? Nice job, and look at that "wooden door"...

  6. You did an awesome job!

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