Friday, April 13, 2012

Bad day X 1, good day X 2 :)

Bad day x 1:  I sat down with Zoomer this morning to give him one of his pills.  He had woofed his cookies on the loveseat during the night.  I found it with my butt.  Wearing shorts.  Welcome to MY world, lol!

Good day X 1:  when I checked my email this morning I found I had won a blog giveaway for some Aurifil thread!  I haven't tried that thread before, so I'm looking forward to it :)

Good day X 2: just now - my next door neighbour showed up on my front doorstep with some homemade baklava - guess what we're having for dessert tonight?  Thanks Maria!!!


  1. baklava, I love baklava... can I come?

    how old is Zoomer now?

  2. oooh! That thread is beautiful!

    Hope the little beast feels better soon.

  3. EEEE-YUCK...not a good way to find a gift like that, lol! But the good stuff more than made up for it! You will love that thread, congratulations!!

  4. ha ha ha!! That did make me laugh - you should have taken a photo for our entertainment, if not yours...

    I saw you'd won the thread, Aurifil is wonderful. I use the white a lot and it doesn't snap, ever. it's impossible to snap.


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