Saturday, April 28, 2012

iFaux Pas'd :D

This is a Peek a Boo sack from Make it Perfect - the peek a boo window is supposed to be at the bottom so the contents show - don't ask me what I was thinking when I started the final assembly and got things upside down!  Hopefully the 4 year old recipient won't notice :D 

It's so grey and overcast outside - I couldn't get a proper photo - this is the quilt set (quilt, 2 bibs, owl stuffy) I made for baby Madelena ...

... and here's the one for her twin brother Massimo.  The owl colours are closest to the correct colours for both of these photos - I'm not sure why the quilts and bibs look so washed out.  Perhaps my lack of photography skills has something to do with it ;)  The owl pattern is from Gingercake - I love this pattern :)

I have one more set to post but it'll have to wait just a bit longer :D


  1. Where to start talking about the cuteness?? Love all but especially the owls.

    Geez, you are making my list of to-do stuff so long. I finally went out and bought several twin needles and sat through three YouTube videos on how to use them this week after seeing your pouches with the beautiful double rows of stitching. I haven't even given them a test run and now I've got to find out about sewing the plastic! I bought some of the plastic to do something like this long ago but never got to it. How was it sewing that in?

    I'd say slow down, but I'm getting a lot more done since finding your blog. Thanks!

  2. That peek a boo bag is so cute, upside down or not! I'm sure he'll love it. Oh my goodness those baby sets....too too adorable!!!!

  3. I just love those owls! I'll be they become a favourite snuggle toy for the twins.


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