Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Radishes at the seaside :D

Yeah - that's a REALLY bad title, lol.  It's late and I couldn't come up with anything :D

Here's a "Wildwood" shopping bag I made yesterday to use up some of my food fabric (right, Allie? LOL!).  I like the shape of the bag (formed by the gusset at the bottom) but the sizing needs adjusting - their straps are WAY too short.  Next time I'll make a few minor changes :D

Here's a wee zippy that I made to use up the last of this seaside fabric - I actually cut out two but screwed the zipper up on one and was too lazy to froggy stitch it ;)  (Nancy would be horrified!)

I also got started on my bag for the Zakka Style sew-along - I posted the focus blocks a few days ago, but forgot to take a picture today.  Will post an update photo tomorrow :)

1 comment:

  1. Love the radishes!!! But yes, the straps really are too short for a shopping bag - hm. The little seaside bag is DARLING!


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