Monday, December 3, 2012

Challenge completed - it's a DUMPLING!

Challenge extended and accepted here :D

I started my dumpling last night :)  I had a rough start - I made several dumb mistakes, and ended up having to froggy stitch the lining off of the bag and recut it, lol.  OOPS!

Basting the zipper to the curved bag, is quite tricky.  Getting both sides of the zipper pinned at exactly the right spot is pretty important to getting good results.

Happily, once the zipper is basted to the outside, the rest of the process is fairly easy - on the larger bag, anyways, lol.  I wouldn't attempt the small one - for my fiddly hands it would be an exercise in frustration :D  I think I'll enlarge the pattern by 15% (and maybe 25%) for future bags - I think that would make the bags easier to complete :)

Use LOTS of pins at this step and the rest will be a breeze :)  I actually added half a dozen more pins after I took this picture, lol.

I added ribbon tabs to make the bag easier to open :)

Close-up of the placement of the tabs :)
OOoooOO what's this?  A ravioli??!!

No - it's a DUMPLING!!  YAY!!! 5" wide x 2" deep x 4" tall :)
Thanks Val for the kick in the pants to try this bag, and thanks to Michelle for the *free* dumpling pattern!  I'll be posting this to the Happy Little Pouch Hop as my latest completion :)


  1. Very cute - good job, girl! And congratulations on your wins!

  2. a very nice royal canadian dumpling ;-)

  3. So sweet! It looks a bit like a mouse!

  4. I love these dumplings. I've made one too a while back and love the idea of the tabs.

  5. That's a cool little dumpling pouch. I might just have to try making some of those in the new year.

  6. Thanks for linking up. I'm happy now. It only takes two to party :)

  7. How did I miss this post? That is so cool! I had no idea what this was going to turn into. I kept looking at the first few photos and thinking, "what on earth is it?" More to add to my "try it" pile!


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