Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy Cinna-Minis :D

Recipe here :)
This post came up in my blog reader today - I popped over for a closer look, and then ran into my kitchen to make them, lol.  Quick, and very easy!  I haven't tasted them yet but I suspect the boys will have a lovely snack when they get home - don't they look great?!


  1. I thought they were puff pastry treats. Needless to say tea cakes and me have been enemies for a long time. Enlarging the photo to check what they were has made me put on more weight.

  2. Oh yummmmmmmmm. I forgot to go buy my brownies so these would make a good substitute. Just need to find someone to make me some. LOLLL

  3. I can smell those all the way down here in Texas. ;-)


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