Monday, December 24, 2012

One done, 2 not done - that's about par for the course, lol

 Only a little progress has been made on my "mystery project" - you may be able to tell what it is now :D  It won't be ready in time for Christmas gift giving, so will become a birthday present instead - I'm glad I have more time to work on it, lol!

Here's a project I kitted the other day - I added the prairie point after seeing THIS project made by Emily (Emedoodle) - she adds a trio of them to lots of her projects - mainly for FUN!  I loved the idea, and have stolen borrowed her idea, but will call mine Prairie Doodles in honour of her inspiration :D

My first Black Apple dolly -- she's quite easy to make but shoving those spindly arms and legs "inside" when trying to stitch her together was quite a challenge! 

Construction notes:
Next time around I'll use patterned fabric for her legs, and will ask my friend Nancy to embroider a simple face for me.  I may also increase the pattern size by about 15% to make her easier for my fiddly fingers.  May try wool or wool felt for the hair instead of fleece. Will add some embellishments - ribbons or trim, buttons, maybe even a different hairstyle :D

Hubby and I are getting ready to head out to a friends' house for our traditional Christmas Eve Chinese food take-out get-together :D  I hope everybody has a wonderful and safe Christmas and a fantastic 2013! 


  1. I love that doll, might have to make some of them in the new year :) Good idea on the patterned feet! Is this a mystery project a bird or penguin of some sort? I'm intrigued! Have a merry and peaceful Christmas! Chocolate covered cherry hugs to you and the gang! :)

  2. Merry Christmas Sandra! Loving the look of your "mystery project"!


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