Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gentlemen ... prefer tulips :)

I recently tried a new-to-me tutorial for a Riley Blake tulip petal hat - the hat is surprisingly easy to make (although I do suggest making it from patterned fabric).  I made the blue one first, and got 2/3 of my men (DS2 flatly refused, haha) to model it for me :)

Hubby preparing to eat supper (in front of the tv, which is where we usually eat :D) in his new hat ;)

DS1 modelling the hat ... I think you can tell how he feels about this particular modelling job :D

The back! LOL!!

Sorry for the dark photo - it was rainy and overcast outside and equally dark in the house!

He's such a good sport!!!!

Isn't this pretty?  I should have taken a picture of the red gingham lining!

Ladybug button stitched to the centre of the hat to keep the lining and outside fabrics together :)  My points actually did match almost perfectly - I even impressed myself!

The blue hat worked out very well so I tried another one with some ladybug fabric I had purchased @ Joanns this past weekend.  The lining is red gingham, and I made a couple of minor changes to the tutorial.  Instead of leaving the turning opening in the outer edge of one of the petals, I left it in the seam stitching two (lining) petals together - it worked out better for me.  For the ties I cut 2 pieces of fabric 16" x 1.5" - folded in quarters and topstitched.  Threaded the end through 2 large wooden beads, then tied the ends off.  I haven't tried the hat on a kid yet (it seems awfully big for a 2 year old, but the sizing is for 2-5 years) so 16" may be too long - I'm not sure.  At least I can cut it down if it's too long - I can't add to it if it's too short, lol.

All in all I give this tutorial TWO THUMBS UP - it's a very simple project to make (under 2 hours start to finish), and looks adorable.  Even on adult men :D


  1. Love your models! And the hats too of course... especially the ladybug hat.

  2. Both hats are freaking adorable, but the models just steal the show here. I believe someone told me the models were bribed into working with baked goods? That would never work at my house. They know my baking too well here. On second thought, maybe I could bribe my guys by promising NOT to bake.

    Joann's is having a button sale soon. I'm gonna find some of those ladybug button!

  3. oh your boys are just SO manly and macho! You have to save those pics of DS1 for his wedding day!!!

  4. This post made me laugh so much. Your two models are such good sports. I tried bribery to get my son to model my chef's hat and he flatly refused. Your hubby looks so natural, as if he was wearing a work hat and not a babies bonnet. LOLLLLL You should have got your son to try a dummy too. LOLLL
    Good for you lads, you're such good sports!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Poor guys, lol. I feel sorry for them. As for the hats, they look pretty good!

  6. Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off Dennis looks AWESOME~!~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!11 The hats are great, the models are fantastic :D
    BRAHAHAHAHAHA! Made my night!

  7. This cracks me up to no end!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The hats are adorable btw!!!!!

  8. Love the hats, Sandra, but I love the style and confidence of the models even more!!!


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