Friday, August 2, 2013

Welcome August :)

I think I need to find a random post title generator website - that's got to be better than drawing a complete blank or welcoming a month ... by name, LOL!

Boxy bag and earbud pouch for Miss B - she doesn't read my blog, but her mom does - and her mom will be here this afternoon for some fun sewing+crafting time, so she can take these home to Miss B :)

Close-up of the 2 colour zipper - COOL!  Bought it during a trip to the fabric district in Toronto a few months ago :D

Upsized earbud pouches - original tutorial here - these are going to Blue Hills, and my BH contact will be here this afternoon for some fun crafting, so she can take the latest batch of goodies to work with her next week :)

HAHA don't ask me why this photo has a black border and the others don't - I have no idea!  This is an SMS pencil pouch :)


  1. Miss B is going to be a happy girl as will the others who get the rest of those fun pouches. Love the idea of upsizing the ear bud pouches. I need a new change purse and now know what it will be!

  2. Everything is so well made and the fabrics are so cute but I really love the boxy bag and earbug pouch. Gorgeous fabric.

  3. Had a wonderful afternoon. Thanks for hosting. Tha bags set was met with great joy. Hugs!

  4. I have never seen a two coloured zipper... COOL!!! Am I correct in thinking the pencil case is relatively easy to sew, as the zip is not near the corners. I might use the tutorial for Kristy's sew-along this month. Lucky Miss B.

  5. Clever idea with the 2 coloured zipper.
    Gorgeous projects you've made.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. WHA? 2 COLOR ZIPPER? coool! Love the bags :) Could you show the first two photos in color? I am not getting it so much in black and white...Love ya, Hugs, Mick

  7. YOU MEAN THAT WAS IN COLOR NOT BLACK AND WHITE??????? Where did you get that cool fabric????
    must have some........

  8. Wow! When did you change your blog template? This is beautiful. Love all the colors and the owls.

    Unfortunately, there is a message at the top (right above the date of the post, that says, "Not updated for more than 80 days. Please update." Now that's not true! I assume it shows up for you, too?

    Oh, and please tell me that letter fabric is from Joann's and not from long, long ago. I've got to get some.

  9. yes please to the random post title generator, I'll have a piece of that action!

    such lovely pouches, the top photo is really cool!

  10. hm? fabric from IKEA????


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