Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birdies and hexies and quilties ... oh my :D

Lots of sewing got done in July - most of these items are going to Blue Hills for the kids :)

QAYG baby quilt done with alternating pink and red blocks.  Backing and binding is a pink print with accents of red.  Finished to 36" x 36" - for Blue Hills :)

Whale bib and killer whale zippered pouch - for Blue Hills :)
Kristin Link (Sew Mama Sew) zippered iPad and pencil pouches - tutorial and sizing info here :)
Zip pocket pouches by Michelle Patterns - the one in American flag fabric is my new cellphone pouch for the cellphone I use when we go Stateside, and the other two will go to Blue Hills :)

4 little birdy pouches - for these bags, I tried to do more "boyish" designs.  These are from Amy Morinaka's Zakka Handmades book (which I LOVE - NAYY!), and will be going to Blue Hills :) 

Well THIS is a fun design - a hexy zipper pouch!  I used a 4" hexagon template to make mine - the tutorial is here - these will be going to Blue Hills :)
More goodies from Zakka Handmades!  Here are 10 pencil pouches I made for Blue Hills - mine are a bit larger than her instructions, which made them a bit easier on my fiddly hands :)  (collage created @ fotor :D)


  1. That pink quilt looks lovely! Just like yummy strawberies. Plus I like those pouches with yellow zipper = strange for me :-) and those tiny ones at the end, pretty!

  2. Oh my goodness I seem to have missed such a lot. Firstly your new look blog, I absolutely love it, those owls are so cute. Gorgeous quilt, I can't go down the list one by one so everything looks perfect. The pencil pouches look great with handles.

  3. Love these! Still love the bird pouches, did you use a tutorial for htat? Those hexagon ones are cute, you should make them with red fabric with black polka dots...they would look like lady bugs!! :)
    Love ya!

  4. Very cute! You were sew productive :)

  5. Oh, wow! You have been busy! I have to have that whale bib pattern. Details for getting hold of that one, please and thank you. Oh, I'd also like to know what vitamins you're taking. I need this kind of energy!

  6. Love the colors on the pink/red quilt--so appealing. And the pouches are adorable. I especially like the birds.
    best from Tunisia,

  7. Holy cow! You have been one busy sewer! I love all the projects, and wowie, you even made a quilt that is so cute. (My fave project- the birdie pouches).

  8. such cuties, love that whale bib! You have been on a roll, have you been remembering to eat and sleep?

  9. Wow Sandra, you have been busy!! Thank you so much for featuring your sweet birdie pouches and pencil pouches from my book! Love, love, love them!!


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