Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A zombie apocalypse is upon us!

This is what I woke up to this morning --- our very ripe bananas, graffiti'd by DS1 :D

The front one says Chris (his brother) - the screaming face with arms raised face are certainly what Chris would look like during the apocalypse!

This one says zombie banana - apparently my kitchen (or at least, my banana-bread-ready nanners!) has been taken over in preparation for the up-coming zombie apocalypse! 

This was his first food art project - from 2005 (when he was 16) - I should have known then he had The Talent :D  This was carved when I asked him to peel some potatoes for supper, LOL.
I'm a lucky mom - they make me smile every day :)


  1. How fun to find something like that you make you smile first thing in the morning!

    And they do make us smile. The other day, I asked our youngest to print out a recipe for me and next thing I knew a paper airplane (with the recipe printed on it) came whizzing across the room and hit the wall beside me... lol.

  2. You are a lucky mom, indeed! Having just seen World War Z, I am still feeling freaked out by zombies. Lovethe movie, but then who wouldn't want to look at Brad Pitt for a hour or so.

  3. What a blessing to have such talent under your roof :) I love it!!!

  4. I'm laughing really hard here. The potato faces are too funny!!

  5. Your boys are killing me LOL!!!

  6. Lovely to see all your projects you have finished. Your banana artist is very clever.

  7. ROFL!!!!!!!!!! Your boys crack me up! Love the artwork :D

  8. lol The boys have taken after
    their Mother....obviously!!!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. LOL... definitely your son, Sandra!


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