Friday, July 5, 2013

PRESENT ... arms!! No ... wait ... PRESENT ... CUTENESS!

(Pretty lame for a title - I think it sounds better in my head than it looks on a computer screen, HAHA)

I posted a picture yesterday of a zipper bag made with these fabrics - I made a mistake during construction and forgot to add the handles.  I was more successful today, and this is the result.  IIDSSM, it is adorable!  I made a couple of minor changes to Amy's instructions - I increased the height of the two prints by 3/4" each, used my normal 3/8" s.a. instead of 1/4", and added a prairie point tab to the side for fun.  This is a bit taller (9.5" x 6") than what might be considered "pencil case" size, but the bigger size was a bit easier for me to work with, and will still work either as a pencil case or even just a regular zippy (with handles) :) I'm VERY pleased with it!  If you look closely, you can even see the wooden beads I added to the zipper :)  This is the Children's Pencil Bag from Amy Morinaka's Zakka Handmades :)

 Here's a Kristin Link/Sew Mama Sew bag set where I also used a prairie point (made with a 3.5" square) for the tabs.  The larger pouch is 10" x 11.5", and the smaller one is 10" x 6".  Both have a glass bead attached to the zipper pull :)  Tutorials here and here :)

Here's a closer picture of the beaded zipper pull - just a simple bead strung on cord :)


  1. I love the rich colours you've used on your bags chickie!! Beads just add a nice touch to many projects, I love them.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Gorgeous fabric in the first one and I like them with the handles.

  3. Love the handles on the bag AND the blue beads are a perfect match.

    I have a ton of the black/white/gray with a touch of yellow fabric hoarded away for a quilt. I may have to steal some to make a bag and pouches after seeing your projects here. Very classy looking!

  4. Love the bags! Love the FAbric! I think you did a fab job!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Mickie

  5. Oh my, you are just so talented. I love that tote.

  6. great bags!!!! I do like the prairie point tab!!!

  7. You're right. It's so cute! All of them look really nice.

  8. Hey, I recognize that fabric! Gorgeous makes, as usual.

  9. Love that black, yellow and white fabric!!!


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