Monday, July 1, 2013

Last finishes from June ... and a bunny :D

Zipper bags for Blue Hills, using up the last of the chocolates fabric

A couple of holiday zippies, using up some scraps

Potato boxy bags, LOL!

6 Michelle Patterns Zip Pocket Pouches :)

Assorted zippies - the one on the left is a Kristin Link freebie (pattern here) :)

Chenille dino stuffy! 

Mesh toy bag - tutorial here :) (my construction notes on the tutorial here, LOL)
Denim (reclaimed from DS2's work jeans) and flannel bibs - these are the last of the flannel scraps from the bibs I posted here (pic #3) :)
We spotted this little one in our back yard today when I was hanging clothes on the line - he watched me for a minute then hopped under the fence :D  Bye bye little Canada Day bunny!


  1. Love everything but especially that money fabric.

  2. oh wow! nice stuff. my fav would be the potato bags and dino!

  3. You did so much sewing for June!!!! Those potato bags are making me hungry! The mesh bag is looking great! I love those bibs with the patchwork and crochet trim....adorable!!!

  4. I always love to see all of the things that you are making! I have a few blog posts that I need to get written for some things that I have made. Are you following a pattern/tutorial for the boxy pouch? I made something similar for my nephew last week...but I cut the handle too long and it looked a bit weird (not that he'll care), so I'm really just wondering about the little handles.

  5. Something happened to my comment...not sure where it went so you might be getting two. Sorry about that, but happy Cananda Day to you!

    Love that dinosaur. Never would have thought to do it in chenille, and it looks so great. It would make a great baby gift.

    I do need to do some mesh bags. Yours are so much prettier than the plain, old white ones I have.

    The lace on the denim bibs is a great idea, too.

    Okay, must get to work now that I've had all this inspiration!

  6. WOW you've been super busy. And I love the pouches made with the "money" fabric. What great gifts those would make.

  7. those potato bags are hilarious! Are people going to keep potatoes in them? Thanks for the bunny pic :0)


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