Thursday, July 4, 2013

|t pays to read the directions :)

 Here are 2 more birdy pouches from Amy's Zakka Handmades - they're the last of the "girl" ones I have cut out - I also have 4 boy versions ready to sew as time permits :)

 I had a little scrap left of this lovely cake fabric, so I added a bit of tone on tone fabric and finished up a pretty little zipper bag for Blue Hills :)
 Here's where I realized that I *should* have read the directions first.  This was supposed to be the Children's Pencil Case from Zakka Handmades - I got so excited about finding a decorative stitch (waves!) that would work well with the dolphin fabric, that I went ahead with construction before reading the instructions.   I completely forgot to add the handles, LOL!!  I had enough of the fabrics to cut out another bag, and that one worked out perfectly tonight - WITH handles :D  I'll get a picture tomorrow - I really like the design, and will make some girly ones too :)  Amy designed several very cute bags for that book, and I'm enjoying trying out the patterns!

I have a cellphone that I use when we go Stateside for my Buffalo runs - I decided to make a little bag for it, and did a trial run with this Canada fabric.  This is Michelle Patterns Zip Pocket Pouch, made in the phone case size.  It's a touch too small for my phone, so when I cut out the bag using the American fabric my friend Mickie gave me (thanks Mickie!) I used the medium size.  I need to get a zipper for it - I ran out of red zippers, LOL. 


  1. You ran out of zippers? Good grief! Next year, you better order double this year's order of how many hundred? :D

  2. Lovely pouches. The birdie ones are so cute.

  3. Does the pencil case need handles? It looks fine without. Your photos are looking good in the neighbour's garden... she might start charging you!!!

  4. you ran out of red zippers? Lady, you're ousted from your position of zipper queen! Why does a pencil case need handles?

  5. You ran out of zippers? You? When you move the next time, it had better be right next to a fabric store with a really big notions area.

    As an inland person, I looked at the blue pouch and said to myself, "Oh, Sandra found some WHALE fabric." Good thing you mentioned they were dolphins. Love all these, but that one really appeals to me. Love the colors and fabric combinations.

    The Zakka book is on my wish list. With the $50 I just spent on snaps, I have to behave with the sewing purchases for a while!

  6. These are cute! Way to go you pouchmaker!

  7. All of these bags are adorable! I especially love the girl birdie pouches =D
    I can't believe you ran out of red zippers already LOL


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