Sunday, June 30, 2013

Taking advantage of the clear day and clothesline :D

Lots of pictures of June finishes that I haven't posted yet:D
Birdy pouches from Zakka Handmades (mine were increased in size by 30%) :) 

2 seahorse bibs, using up the last of that lovely print :)

3 car bibs - using up the last bits of some flannel :)

 A friend, years ago, gave me some bits and pieces of lovely quilters flannel.  I finally got around to finishing off all the fabric - I cut the pieces into 3.5" squares and made these 3 bibs - they're backed with chenille.  They are GORGEOUS (IIDSSM) :)  With the last 8 squares I have 2 more bibs underway - will post them tomorrow :D
Gnome and potato pillowcases (for Blue Hills)

2 chocolates pillowcases for Blue Hills - the one on the right has more sun shining through it and the one on the left is blowing backwards - they're both the same size and neither are faded!
Halloween pillowcases - these are a gift :)
3 mushrooms pillowcases - this print was on clearance @ Joanns a while ago - I have no idea why I bought 3 yards of it - a fat quarter would have been LOTS, lol!  But now it's all finished up ... and these are going to Blue Hills too :)


  1. LOVE that birdie pouch. I'm gonna have to break down and buy that book soon.

    We also had a lovely sunny day. As I say that I remember that it actually started raining at around 3. With the number of rainy days we've been having, I now consider that a day with any sunshine is a lovely day! The forecast through Friday: some rain every day. On the positive side, my grass is very green.

  2. LOVE the fun birdy pouches! You've just reminded me that I can take advantage of the sun out here to take some photos.

  3. Sounds like these projects have help to use up some stash/old fabrics. Love the pretty quilters flannel bibs... lovely colours and I'll bet they are really soft.

  4. Someone's been busy. Guess it was too much to ask hubby or son to model the bits. LOLLL

  5. I love how your birdy pouches turned out!!! The stuffed beak just adds to the cuteness. You've been sewing so much!!! The pillowcases and bibs will be well loved. They're all adorable =D


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