Saturday, June 8, 2013

The boxer and the lime - LOL!

 I can't even watch this without tears running down my face from laughing so hard - he just can't give it up, but - well - it's a LIME! LOLOL!!

The last of my May finishes:

Tall pouch, lined with lime green, using upcycled denim from work pants :D

Tigger pillowcase - using up the last of the Tigger fabric :)

Michelle Patterns pleated pouch (pattern now retired)

Michelle Patterns Zip Pocket Pouch - my first attempt :)
Loving the zip pocket pouch pattern, and have more ready to work on :D


  1. LOVE that denim pouch! What a clever idea :)

  2. LOVE the tall denim pouch!!! Those 3 green buttons finish it off PERFECTLY!!!

  3. very cool :D Love the bags ,that pouch one is really neat! Well done :)
    Can't imagine my boys trying a lime.........LOL

  4. That boxer is hilarious! He just keeps going back for more... lol.

    Love the tigger fabric you used in the pillowcase and the little sheep in the pleated pouch.

  5. I want that dog! And the denim pouch is making me want to cut up some jeans. Love that Michelle zip pouch. I just went to look at the pattern, but I HAVE to start sewing more of the patterns I have before buying any more. It is so hard to behave, though.

  6. The funny dogs are cute. I love the way the boxer keeps going back to suck in the lime. The blue and lime pouch is great and the zip pocket pouch is looking good. I think you need a few more of those.

  7. The denim pouch is soooo cute!!!!! Was the zip pocket pouch hard? I've been meaning to make one of those!! or two or three or a dozen LOL

  8. Love the denim with the green.


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