Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My pretty pink peony - starting to bloom :)

I just got back from an adventure with my neighbour (Maria - aka Xena [the doberman]'s mom :D) - we zipped over to Tim Hortons here in town, and scooped up a free Tassimo brewer with the purchase of a TH Tassimo Variety Pack :D

Each store had 43 brewers to give away - the customers started an informal sitting-line-up @ 1:30 - everybody was very civilized and friendly :)  The store employees handed out numbers and 15 minutes later, we walked out carrying our treasures :D  I don't drink coffee and we already have a Tassimo, so this will be a gift for our oldest son who will be moving out in the next 6 or 7 months --- kind of a "Here you go, NOW GO!" gift ;)  I'm such a loving mom, LOL!!! 


  1. Look at how pretty your flowers are =D
    You are such a loving mom!!!! You could have made him stand in line or not gotten him one at all LOL!!!!

  2. Love your peonies. My Dad has lots of them along one end of his garden.

    Ha... you know you're going to miss your son when he moves out.

  3. Lucky you! I've got a Keurig that I love to pieces! It may be in pieces soon because we all use it so much.

    Love those peonies. Mine are up as well, but I don't have as many blooms as you this year. Who knows why--certainly isn't for a lack of water with all the rain we've had.

  4. My peony has just been blooming this last week, too! It's still a pretty young plant, so it's a bit scraggly and I don't get too many flowers yet. I went out tonight and cut the best blooms off because we are getting bad storms and I figured that they would just get destroyed in the wind.

    Good for you, too, in planning to get the moving out Tassimo for your son :)

  5. Lovely flowers! The boys usually stay very close to their mommy :-) so you have nothing to worry about, lol.


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