Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'm lucky to have such willing models :D

Hubby modelling a tulip petal sun hat :D

Not to be outdone by his dad, Nick "volunteered" (under threat of being kicked out, haha [just kidding]) to model as well ;) (he just looked at what I was typing and said the threat was a serious ultimatum, not a joke, LOLOL!)

He poses better than his dad :)

This pose has a vague reference to frontal chestal protuberances - I'm not going to ask :D
Pleated pouches made for a sweet young lady I know :)
Tomorrow we're having lunch with hubby's family, and will hopefully get to meet our newest g-nephew, Connor!


  1. Lovely pleated pouches. I have used that pattern so many times for gifts. The pleats totally make it classy. I also use Cindy's zippered pouch for an even quicker 'go to' gift.

  2. I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. Your models are such good sports. LOLLLLL Love the pleated pouch too. Maybe your models could have held that while modeling the hat. LOLLL

  3. I'm beginning to suspect that you are putting something in their food and/or drinks to get this kind of cooperation. I can barely get my crew to hold up a quilt!

    I say the guy with the "I'm a little teapot" pose is the winner in this modeling competition.

    Love that hat!

  4. And they'll both be wearing their tulip hats to the family lunch, I presume... LOL!!!

  5. How fun, getting to meet another baby for you to sew for! And your models are great sports!

  6. LOL!!!!!!!! I love when you get your men to model for you!!!

  7. he he he!!! Deniz is loving wearing that hat!


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