Friday, June 7, 2013

Ai haph wakalee! ... and other odds and ends :D

Source :)
Even a crazy old cat lady can appreciate the finer points of doggydom - I love the caption on this!  Wakalee ... lolol!

May projects I haven't posted (considering I didn't get much done in May, I actually did get stuff done in May - and I still have a few projects to photograph) :D

Here's a little set I made - I finished the tulip hat and the dog stuffy, then made a gift bag for them.  Thanks to my inadequate math skills, the first bag was too small, so I made another one :D

Tulip hat and pupper :)

Here's the bag that's too small - the lining is that yellow ladybug print.
Here's the larger bag I made - I didn't have enough of the red gingham left to line it, so it's unlined.  The hat and stuffy are tucked inside :)
The pattern was a gift I won from a giveaway @ Clare's Craftroom - thank you Clare - I love the pattern!


  1. You got tons done silly!!! I love everything =D the fabrics are too cute!!

  2. Love, love the hat in the ladybug fabric. And the way the panda bear is wearing it reminds me of Paddington Bear's rain hat.

    And you get way more done in a month then most people get done in several months.

  3. For a minute there, I thought your fingers were on the wrong keys. What a load of sewing you did! That would take me six months--IF I was working hard at it.

    The puppy is adorable. Love his collar.

  4. lol. What was it with May. I felt like I didnt get as much finished as I would usually do either. Like you I still had some, just not as many. That is a cute dog, and lovely little hat. I thought only I could manage to make the bag too small for the contents. lol.

  5. What a lovely little set to give
    as a gift. You're a clever little
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. It does all add up when you group them together in a photo. Doesn't the red gingham go well with the ladybird fabric!!!

  7. that puppy is so cute. The panda looks great in his hat - how old is he?


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