Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Chris :)

Our youngest lad turned 23 today - we went out for dinner to his favourite restaurant - Frankie Tomatto's - we ate so much that by the time we got home, all we could do was lay on the couch and moan (DS1 went straight to bed, LOL!).  I couldn't even work up the energy to scan the picture that the restaurant took - will do it tomorrow :D  Now I have to figure out how to haul my butt up 87 flights of stairs (ok, 23 stairs) to go to bed - I imagine heartburn will be my constant companion tonight!  LOVE YOU CHRIS!


  1. They grow up way to fast, don't they? I plead guilty to eating way too much good food last night, too. However, I had no good excuse such as celebration. It's just all that great fresh food available this time of year.

    To make up for yesterday's eating, I think we will both need to walk to Buffalo and meet for lunch today.

  2. Happy Birthday Chris!!!!! We share the same birthday, except I didn't turn 23 *sob* lol!!!!
    I hope your heartburn has settled down Sandra!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday to Chris. Sounds like a yummy celebration. Hope you managed to get some sleep.

  4. Happy Birthday Chris!

    Glad you enjoyed your dinner. :D

  5. Great pic! Happy Birthday Chris! :)

  6. Happy BELATED Birthday Chris!!!!!!!! I'm still trying to catch up on blogs. Hope you didn't suffer too much with heartburn Sandra. Suppose it was worth it though.


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