Tuesday, June 18, 2013

40 days ... 40 nights ... 40 bibs :D

The 40 days and 40 nights part was only for alliterative purposes - that's how I rock :D

Quicky post - my nurse is going to be here in a minute - while I was waiting, I got some pics on my clothesline, lol.  I used up a LOT of flannel and denim to make these, but I don't really notice much of a dent in stash!  Most of them are going to Blue Hills, and a few are for gifts :)  What a perfect day to take the camera outside!

Monster bibs - tutorial here :)

Upcycled denim from the kids' worn out work jeans :D

(left = upcycled denim from work jeans) :)

More upcycled denim bibs :D



  1. Wow. A bib parade! ;o) Awesome makes. You are going to make many folks very happy with these pretties.

    You make the rest of look lazy, Sandra!

  2. OMG! Have you been sewing up a storm or what!!! Good of you. Take care.

  3. Holy BIBS Batman!!! The monster bibs are hilarious! Love them all :)

  4. Monster eyes are looking at you ! Gorgeous assortment of bibs.

  5. Do you ever sleep??? Love those monster bibs!!!

  6. Oh. I love the monters and the pink line of course :-)

  7. You are a machine!!!! They are all so very cute. I love that you up-cycled denim for some of them =D

  8. Wow! You're a dynamo lately. I've got to get cracking on bibs. If you can get 40 finished, I should be able to get the couple I need done. Thanks for the virtual kick in the butt--again.

  9. you made 40 bibs?? 40??? I bet it took you 5 minutes...


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