Friday, June 21, 2013

Have some coffee with your Zip Pocket Pouch :D

Errrrrrrrrrrr the pocket isn't crooked like it seems in this photo, lol.  Notice the Tim Hortons card tucked inside - a bit of a "bonus" :D

Michelle Patterns Zip Pocket Pouch - my latest attempt - isn't it cute?  This is part of a little gift I've put together :)  Construction time gets faster with each pouch I complete!
And - just for fun - because heaven knows, sometimes you just need to laugh ...

... and - on a related note ...

^^^ GIRLS!!!  You are just ADORABLE!!!


  1. Your zip pocket pouch turned out great!!!! I don't think the pocket looks crooked at all. The first video freaked me out...the legs LOL!!

  2. Love it. I made one of these some time ago and I still can't get used to the flap opening towards the bottom. I always end up opening it upside down LOLL

  3. As a coffee fanatic myself, I'm sure whoever gets this will be thrilled. You need to hire out as a personal fabric shopper. You always find the best fabrics.

    I've been busy with the house rather than sewing. The unending rain finally won and flooded an area of our basement. Over 40 years with never a bit of flooding--to the point that the last owners took out the sump pump and we haven't needed one in twenty years--ended.

    Off to Cape Cod with my book club for the weekend. Can't wait to show them these two videos!

  4. Cute little pouch! Sometimes things just get skewed when you photograph them. Thanks goodness I don't dance!!!

  5. Hi Sandra,
    Once again, your zip pouch looks fantastic.
    You are a smart little monkey.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. A Tim Horton's gift card is the perfect extra to slip into the coffee bean pouch!


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